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Students can fulfill either a Major or Minor in Chicana/Chicano Studies. The Programs Major is composed of two tracks: Cultural Studies and Social/Policy Studies. Both leading to a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Letters & Science. Each track of the Major examines the historical, social, political, and ideological forces which shape Chicana/Chicano culture and identity. The Cultural Studies track, however, incorporates relatively more literature, culture, and the arts (including artistic expression and analysis) and the Social/Policy Studies Track emphasizes society, political economy, community, and family. Both tracks frame this analysis within historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanos and Latinos in America.

The Program’s Minor has a wide variety of courses to choose from. The overall curriculum provides the student with a solid basis in theoretical and applied analysis covering quantitative, qualitative, and critical methods of study.

Students will find the Cultural Studies Track to be flexible enough to accommodate future interest in Spanish Language teaching, cultural centers, publishing, theater or graduate study in art, cultural studies, communications, and literature. Students opting for the Social/Policy Studies Track will find a solid basis of knowledge for work in migrant and bilingual education, crosscultural settings, human service delivery, community development, public service or advocacy work, as well as further study in communications, health services, social welfare, psychology, social sciences and political sciences.

Students interested in pre-med, pre-law, or other fields of interest have sufficient flexibility with elective units to pursue double majors or minors to prepare for graduate study. The Minor can be used to fulfill breath requirements and by students who intend to work in bicultural settings where knowledge about the Chicano and or Latino community is important.

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